Welcome to Protimo, the student internship application website of molecular sciences for internships in one of these departments

  • Analytical Chemistry & Chemometrics (Jansen) *
  • Aquatic Ecology & Environmental Biology (Kosten) *
  • Bioinformatics (‘t Hoen, Huynen, Venselaar, Li)
  • Biomolecular Chemistry (Büll) *
  • Biomolecular Chemistry (Pruijn)
  • Biophysical Chemistry (Hansen) *
  • Catalysis and Spectroscopy (Roithová, Kouwer) *
  • Cell Biology (Eeftens)
  • Cellular Neurophysiology (Schubert) *
  • Condensed Matter Physics (Kiriluyk, Bakker)
  • Education Labs MW (Lab) *
  • Environmental Science (Huijbrechts, van Zelm, Hanssen, Hendriks, Ragas)
  • FELIX (Redlich, Brünken)
  • HFML (Cristianen, Engelkamp)
  • Magnetic resonance research centre (Kentgens, van Eck, Zhao) *
  • Molecular Nanotechnology (Nolte, Elemans) *
  • Molecular Structure and Dynamics (Oomens)
  • NMR Spectroscopy of Dynamic Systems (White) *
  • Regenerative Biomaterials (Diba/Leeuwenburgh)
  • Physical Chemistry of Soft Matter (Dullens) *
  • Physical-Organic Chemistry Group (Huck, Korevaar, Spruijt, Velema) *
  • Spectroscopy of Cold Molecules (Meerakker, Horke, Onvlee)
  • Spectroscopy of Solids and Interfaces (Rasing, Semin)
  • Synthetic Organic Chemistry (Rutjes, Boltje, Bonger, Feiters, Löwik) *
  • Systems Chemistry (Wilson, Neumann) *
  • Trace Gas Facility & Research (Cristescu)

This website will help you in finding a research group that matches your interests. Moreover, for some of these departments (marked with *) you will be able to apply for an internship through this website. The others you can contact via e-mail.

The procedure for applications through this website is as follows:

  • Look for a research group of your liking by using the filter buttons
  • Choose a group (you can also provide us with a 2nd and 3rd choice if you like)
  • During the application you will also be asked to submit a short motivation letter (max. 500 words)
  • After submission you will get a confirmation e-mail of your application
  • You will be notified whether you can be placed in the research group you prefer. If there are more applications than positions, you will be offered a position in the group of your 2nd or if necessary 3rd choice. Of course we hope the latter will not be necessary.
  • After you have been accepted by a research group, you will be asked to confirm your internship within two days to complete the procedure.

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